Iconic Alfa Romeo Models in History

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Alfa Romeo is an Italian car brand that has a rich history of luxury and innovation.

Since the company was initially founded in 1906 by Alexandre Darrocq, Alfa Romeo has created race cars and consumer cars that are stunning and are rated high in performance. The brand went through a period of difficulty, particularly in 1909, when economic hardship hit the company hard. The company was bought out by Ugo Stella, who then relaunched the brand in 1910. This article will take a look at the history of Alfa Rome and the iconic models they released over the years.

A.L.F.A 24 hp

The A.L.F.A 24 hp (this is with Castagna torpedo body) was the first car made by Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (A.L.F.A) in 1910. Photo by: traumautoarchiv.de

When the brand was relaunched in 1910, Giuseppe Merosi was the technical director of the brand. He was the creative mind behind the 24HP. This car was the first one off the production line. This new model had a single 4.1-liter engine and could go as fast as 62MPH. Merosi would go on to create plenty more amazing cars during his tenure at this company.

In 1914, Merosi was in charge of creating racing cars so that they could establish themselves as the leaders in racing cars, which was when he designed the Alfa Grand Prix, and it was one of the first cars that would end up featuring the twin-spark ignition. It also had a four-cylinder 4.5-liter engine, which allowed this car to go as fast as 87MPH.

There were several models along the way, but the Alfa Romeo Giulietta was something that transformed the brand. This model began production in 1954 and started this brand’s trend of moving away from limited production and going towards the more famous mass-production approach since it was meant to bring a luxury car that the middle-class could afford. The Guilietta was what helped Alfa Romeo to become a popular seller of medium-priced sport sedans, and it was an affordable and durable option that this luxury brand offered the middle-class families.

The Alfa Romeo Carabo was originally a concept car that was featured at the 1968 Paris Motor Show, and it was a concept car that wasn’t intended to see production but rather to show off the sleek innovation of this brand. The Carabo was a two-door coupe that would go on to influence popular brands later. This car was named for the Carabidae beetle and came in bold colors that were very attractive to the consumers.

The Giulia was released on the manufacturer’s 105th anniversary back in 2015. Guilia means “youthful,” which is an accurate way to describe this high-performance car. Three years later, this car became Motor Trend’s Car of the Year in 2018, and it was the return to the U.S. auto market, which was a very triumphant return for the brand due to the meticulous detail put into engineering this car.

In 2018, Alfa Romeo created their first SUV when they manufactured the Stelvio. This SUV is the perfect example of luxury and innovation for which this brand has become known. Named for the Stelvio Mountain Pass in Italy, this car handles wonderfully and is one of the highest performing SUVs ever made.

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