Evolution of the Iconic Alfa Romeo Grille: Alfa Romeo Scudetto

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Alfa Romeo is a brand known for its rich history, luxury and high-end experience.

These cars are trendy, particularly in Italy and in the United States. Working hard to keep up this popularity and build up a significant fan base of their brand in the United States, Alfa Romeo is continually evolving to improve the look and performance of their cars. One area that has seen many changes over the years is the Alfa Romeo Scudetto, their grille. It is a true piece of Alfa Romeo history.

Origins of the Alfa Romeo Scudetto

Alfa Romeo history is rich in luxury and sportiness. Their cars have performed well in races, which is one reason they are so popular. The keen attention to detail has made several features of their car as unique as this brand is, making it easily identifiable to other people. Alfa Romeo is a highly respected and iconic brand that knows they need to keep up with innovation.

Innovator Giuseppe Merosi originally designed the Alfa Romeo Scudetto. The word “scudetto” means “little shield” in Italian, which has evolved many times over the years before it has become the smaller shield shape that exists today.

Alfa Romeo Scudetto: Alfa Romeo History
Alfa Romeo Scudetto Design

Evolution of the Alfa Romeo Scudetto

Over the years, Alfa Romeo has worked with numerous different design firms to create a stylish grille that has become unique to this brand and so iconic to their brand identity. Each of these various design firms has worked hard to design a grille that was distinct to this brand, adding to the iconic brand identity that Alfa Romeo has been so proud of since the brand’s inception.

Alfa Romeo History- Alfa Romeo ScudettoThe first “shield” appeared on the Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 Turismo in 1934, when you first saw the iconic grille that is modern to today’s cars. Since this first one, different variations have been created to show off the artistic quality of this brand. For instance, the heart-shaped center grill was introduced in the early part of the 1940s, when there was an 8C 2900B Touring made explicitly for King Michael of Romania. This unique design was revised for further use in other cars like the 6C 2500 car from the 40s, and the 1900 car from the 50s.

One of the designers, Pininfarina, began experimenting with a design that had a narrow and triangular shape to the grille. It wasn’t until the latter part of the 1950s that this specific design began to take shape into the design that we see today. Eventually, a combination of this elongated vertical grille and the new badge created the grille that we see today on Alfa Romeo cars.

The Alfa Romeo Scudetto is among one of the most iconic features of the Alfa Romeo cars, which is something that distinguishes them from other brands, helping them stand out. The grille has been a part of this iconic design that lets people know that this is their car. The most modern grille is a sleek design that adds to the aesthetic appeal of their cars.

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